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横須賀 洋平

Building Structure

Yokosuka Lab.

Structural Mechanics

Basic information

Our long-term research goal is to build a design framework for the future. Since modern times began, social structures have changed dramatically, and  the development of the computer has significantly changed the methods of architectural design. However, the laws of physics that govern buildings have not changed in any way since the Expectations are mounting toward computer-based problem-solving methods such as optimization or machine learning as the means to build and maintain a sustainable society in the future. In designing buildings, it is necessary to integrate different areas such as design, environment and structure to build sound and safe buildings with the most effective resource consumption and cost-effectivity. What is essential to do so is evidence-based design methods using numerical analysis and simulation. We focus on Building Structure Mechanics and incorporate new theories and technologies in a cross-disciplinary way so that we will be able to create new value and propose its wide and comprehensive adoption across society.