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鷹野 敦

Building Environment Design

Takano Lab.

Sustainable building design, Environmental assessment, WoodandWood construction

Basic information

We focus on better building design and construction methods from the viewpoint of “environment”. By this we mean that communities live in a variety of different surroundings that form our environment. In recent years, we often encounter the term “sustainability” when discussing the environment. Put differently, “sustainability” is nothing but “survivability”. What is required now and in the future is the idea of “resilient” buildings, defined as maintaining an optimum relationship between human beings and the environment.
Based on this notion, our laboratories work on environmental issues related to buildings in a cross-disciplinary way from such viewpoints as materials and resources.
Our ideal model is to work as the legendary “samurai-farmers” of olden days. In striving for this idealized form, we take a hands-on approach and pursue research and practice in good balance. Part of the legend held the relationship with younger generations as indispensable to the future, so we endeavor to teach architecture to local children.