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塩屋 晋一

Building Structure

Shioya Lab.

Reinforced Concrete Structures for Building, Seismic Design for Building, Timber Structure for Building

Basic information

This laboratory does research on novel seismic structure with reinforced concrete frame. In addition, new wooden structure has been studied since 2010. In Japan, wood construction has thus far been mainly used in small scale buildings due to past warandearthquake disaster. However, the developmentoflarge scale buildings from wood has lately attracted considerable attention incorporating several aspects (e.g. availabilityofresource, environmental aspects). We have developed new “reinforced glulam structure”, where recycled rebar is inserted in glulam (Japanese cedar) realizing 6-8 times higher stiffness as well as 3 times higher strength compared to normal glulam. The first pilot building has been built based on this structure. At the moment, we are developing new wooden shear wallsystemcombining the reinforced glulamandCLT (Cross Laminated Timber),andthe second pilot building is being designed based on thesystem.