Department Overview

The English Course will be launched in October
for students enrolled at that time.

New English course of The Architecture and Architectural Engineering Program (Master’s Program) that you can finish in only English has founded. The new English course begin in October in order to adapt for overseas school schedules. All classes in the English course are mainly offered in English.
The Architecture and Architectural Engineering Program (English Course Special Admissions) aims to develop the practical ability in architectural design and urban design and provides a multifaceted and practical education in the designing of buildings and urban/regional design through design exercises using practical problems. Lectures are correlated with the design exercises and provide a broad range of knowledge about the perspective necessary to design buildings and undertake urban and community planning as well as implement technology and techniques.

■Overview of the English Course Special Admissions

・Admission Capacity
 A Few

Applicants who have graduated an overseas university:
We encourage applications from any nationality.

・Entrance Examination
Decision on admission will be made comprehensively based on the results of the screening of application documents (statement of purpose, Certified Academic Record, etc.) and interview (presentation and oral examination).

For other information and details, refer to the Application Procedures for Admission and Entrance Examination of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

Education & Research Contents of The English Course

□Main educational and research content
Education on architectural design through research on and education for architectural planning for educational/cultural institutions and complexes, regeneration, regional planning such as housing, urban landscape and urban development,space design, architectural design, and the practical subjects of the architectural design field.

□Main research theme
Design Theory / Urban Theory / Urban Landscape / Complex Planning / Architectural Theory / Space Design / Housing Culture and Housing Planning / Urban Planning / Regional Planning / Management of Residence / Building Conservation and Regeneration / Life Cycle Assessment

□Main subjects
Advanced Urban Design KIKATA June
Advanced Environmental Architectural Design TAKANO Atsushi

For other information and details, refer to Entrance Examination of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

1945Kagoshima Prefectural Technical College (Department of Architecture) was established.
1949Kagoshima Prefectural Technical College was renamed Faculty of Engineering, Kagoshima Prefectural University.
1955Kagoshima Prefectural University was transferred to the care of the nation and changed name to Kagoshima University.
1968Graduate School of Engineering (Architecture Course of Master’s Program) was founded.
1994Graduate School of Engineering (Master’s Program) was reorganized Graduate School of Engineering (Lower Division of Doctoral Degree Program).
Graduate School of Engineering (Upper Divison of Doctoral Degree Program) was established.
2006Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering was accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE).
2020Faculty of Engineering was reorganized to 2 departments : Department of Advanced Engineering and Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering.
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Lower Division of Doctoral Degree Program) was reorganized to 2 departments : Science department and Engineering department (Architecture and Architectural Engineering Program).

■From Kagoshima Airport to JR Kagoshima Chuo Station

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■From JR Kagoshima Chuo Station to the Faculty of Engineering,
Kagoshima University

1. By TramApprox. 10 minutes, 170 yen, get off at Kogakubu-mae or Toso
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